You are the price

Good morning 🤗 This past few days has been awesome in my life . There has been a transformation in my life . sometimes you get disconnected you just to know  the truth and then get connected  back . He knows how valuable you are to him. He's happy when you come back to him [...]


Fight against poverty

Hello guys ,how are you doing today . Last month I travelled to my hometown which is Peretoru under ekeremor local government area in bayelsa state , Nigeria . This is my root and ancestral home . I travelled for my grandma burial.  I still miss her and I love her so much ,may her [...]

Evaluate your life

Good morning beautiful Someone has been inconsistent which is me. I love to write but have been having some challenges recently . No matter how many times I fall and go off, if it means me crawling back on my knees and coming back here to share my words with you then I would . [...]